Am I the only one sad to see the price of btc go up?

So I have very recently started taking this serious btc to new level. I finally have a hard wallet for cold storage. I have been buying as much as I could these last couple days but looks like the reversal might be happening already. I hope we just keep going sideways for much much longer. Anything around 30k has been super great for me. But I need more income to come in to grab more.

Am I the only one who is upset when I see green days like this?

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  1. No ur not the only one. I was about to buy a little thing and now its too late. But i buy anyway

  2. Just keep DCA. In a few years the 10% ups or downs over the last few days would be a tiny little blip in the price history chart.

  3. Bitcoin is a rollercoaster. It’s not the first dip and it won’t be the last, just keep charting.

  4. Just remember the highest it’s ever been in life was around $65k… I think the harder it crashes the less likely it’ll reach that amount ever again.

  5. Bitcoin seems to rebound quite well every time it dips below 30k. Has happened a few times already in the last couple of months which is good

  6. Being upset at things 100% out of your control is a monumental waste. Bitcoin does what bitcoin does. Take your emotions out of the equation and deal with reality.

  7. Unless you’re a short term trader, there will always be good entry points at every cycle and every level. Just keep stacking those sats and keep some cash in reserve to buy the dips.

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