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Hello all!

I currently have a personal Amex Platinum card (have had it forever) and my payment is due next month. The new platinum card is kinda crappy for my use moving forward. Since I need a new Delta Skymiles card, I thought about downgrading my platinum to gold and hoping on the SkyMiles Reserve card intro offer (80,000 Bonus Miles, $200 statement credit, and 20,000 (MQMs) after $5,000 in 3 months (I’m already paying $550 next month so why not churn new rewards and pay the $250 gold fee also).

Just wanted to get Reddit’s thoughts! Thanks!

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  1. If you have had it for forever, I would first ask to see if there is a retention offer. If you have never applied for the gold card, I would then apply for the gold card rather than downgrading, so you get the points for that too. If you do these two, you might be looking at another 120k points. Then next year you can cancel the platinum or the gold and downgrade.

  2. Have you had the Gold before? If you haven’t, downgrading is a bad idea, as you’ll forfeit the SUB. Closing the Plat and applying for the Gold separately (if you, indeed, need/want the Gold) would be a better choice.

  3. Out of curiosity, you’ve have the platinum card forever. You likely travel a lot as you’re looking at the delta reserve. What’s the reason you’re ditching your platinum card and saying it’s now crappy? Trying to understand the perspective from a long time user and not a churner. I’ve also had the card for 10 years and couldn’t be happier with the added benefits and what feels like a more exclusive experience that I think many platinum members were accustomed to. The $200 fh&r credit alone makes up for the increased AF. No judgments at all, just trying to understand the shift.

  4. the SUB for the delta gold and delta platinum cards are an all time high. You can’t product change from a charge card to a credit card or vice versa I don’t believe.

    If you’re holding onto your MR, make sure you get a Blue Business Plus or Everyday card to hold your MR on a no annual fee card.

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