Any Suggestions for my Third Card?

Hello all. I have been thinking about getting another credit card but i am not sure which ones if any would even benefit me. I am single with no kids. I don’t travel much but I want to get into it a bit more, though I don’t expect it to be super frequent. my stats are below, any suggestions.


* Current cards: (list cards, limits, opening date)

* Discover 2016, $8,000 (I use this one the most)
* USAA VISA 2015, $1,000 (I really only use this one every now and then so it doesn’t get closed.)
* FICO Score: *762*
* Oldest account age: *6 years*
* Income: *$55,000*
* Average monthly spend and categories:

* dining $200
* groceries: $400
* gas: $120
* Open to Business Cards: NO
* What’s the purpose of your next card? Cash Back and maybe a little bit of travel
* Do you have any cards you’ve been looking at? I glanced at a couple of the lower tier AMEX ones, i think it was blue or blue advantage. Also, i was thinking of an apple card but the benefits don’t seem that great (but the Apple ecosystem has me sucked in and the interface of the card and all of that is kind of appealing. LOL ) Also, also, i would like to avoid anything Wells Fargo just cuz i don’t really care for them as a company.
* Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card? General would probably be best so i can maximize points since i am only spending money on myself so each of my categories have relatively small amounts of spending.

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  1. Which Discover card do you have?

    To maximize my cash back I like having a card for groceries because it’s a guarenteed expense, a rotating 5% card, and a general use card for everything else.

    Amex Blue cash preferred for 6% on groceries, it has $95 annual fee but you net more cash back if you spend more than $3200 per year on groceries vs the 3% version without the annual fee.

    Discover cash back for the 5% rotating categories.

    Citi Double Cash for 2% on every other purchase.

  2. If you want to keep it simple just get the Citi Double Cash and use that for everything.

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