Anyone employed with progressive?? Need help

I was hired by the company about a month ago, I’m supposed to start the first week of august. I’ve gotten all my paperwork/ I-9 verification done, but I have yet to hear back from who I’ll be reporting to… should I reach out to them? Should I wait til next week? I have a week and a half til start date and I just want to make sure I’m properly prepared and ready for day 1

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  2. did they give you an actual start date? that would be the first day they want you there or at least online. Call or email the person who hired you

  3. It was a while ago but when I had new hires starting on a Monday I would call them the Friday just over a week before and address questions and set expectations. This was in a field claims office. I can’t promise that it is the same.

  4. Good luck with onboarding once you get your scheduling all figured out.

    Protip: ask questions.

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