Anyone recommend mechanical breakdown coverage? Geico

Hi r/insurance,

I got a quote from Geico on a new vehicle.

Mechanical breakdown is $5/mo. I didn’t really want it but after talking to the agent it bumps the windshield deductible down to $50 and will cover electrical issues at any “reputable” shop I want to take it to.

It’s for a jeep gladiator so it has a flat windshield (prone to cracking) and I’ve heard electrical stuff can become an issue down the road.

I can see this paying off just for the reduced windshield deductible.

Anyone have mechanical breakdown insurance and have experiences to share?

Thanks! Any feedback is appreciated!

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  1. I have it simply because the r glass deductible alone. Used it once for glass replacement and no issues.

  2. My advice: Don’t buy Geico. One of the worst claims companies in America regardless of their funny commercials.

    (13 years in the business)

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