apple card vs amex gold vs citi double cash or…?

current cards: a local credit union visa, $1000 limit, opened april 2017

fico score: 754

chase 5/24 score: 0/24

income: 30k/year

spending: mostly spend on clothes, target, restaurants, and groceries. i don’t travel.

open to business cards: no

purpose of my next card: i’d like to have a higher credit limit to help improve my credit score, i’d also like to earn some sort of reward for spending/have an incentive to spend with a card over cash (i mostly spend cash rn)

i’ve been looking at the apple card, it is silly but i do really like the look of the card. i like that there are no fees and i use apple pay pretty often. but i wonder if i could get better rewards from the amex gold card or the citi double cash, or a different type of card. i am still learning about credit cards so i’m open to any and all input!

i don’t travel. i know that a lot of cards have great travel rewards but i don’t really care about them—i’m a homebody and there is plenty to do and see in my area.

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  1. Discover It might be a good next step. Normally it gives 1% back and 5% in rotating categories, but that cashback is doubled at the end of the first year. Restaurants are on 5% now, and Target [dot] com is one of the 5% spots in October-December. Groceries usually get a quarter as well. It can be added to Apple Pay.

    Apple Card would give 2% on everything if you use Apple Pay, and Citi DC would do the same with either the physical card or Apple Pay. Amex Gold is not advised unless your dining and grocery spend, plus use of the monthly dining & Uber credits, are enough to justify the $250AF.

  2. Citi double cash: flat 2% on everything
    Apple Card: daily cash back, 2% on Apple Pay, 3% at Apple (and Exxon gas!), 1% everything else.
    Amex Gold: 4x points on restaurants and groceries.

    The Amex Gold is a charge card, therefore no limit which means no utilization reported. I’m not sure how this affects your credit score. Others please chime in with your experience. The incentive will be how much you value MR points. With regular Amex cards they are generous with their credit limit though.

    Apple Card is beautiful for someone who is barely getting into credit cards. It’s so easy to manage and breaks down your spending and cash back. A good card as long as you never use the physical card.

    The Citi Double Cash is a favorite since it’s a good “catch-all” card. 2% back on every purchase you make. Very good card to have. Some people hate Wells Fargo but their Active Cash card does the same thing, just an option.

  3. Target won’t code as anything with most cards. If you want discounts at Target get the Target Red Card. There is a debit and credit version depending on if you want it on your credit report.

    With spend on grocery and dining, I suggest looking at the [Capital One Savor One]( 3% dining for dining, entertainment, popular streaming services, and at grocery stores is pretty competitive.

    Citi Double Cash is fine but the lack of a signup bonus really kills it. I would aim more for the [Wells Fargo Active Cash]( Its a 2% card with a $200 sign up bonus and free cell phone insurance

  4. the citi double cash is likely the best choice. The Apple Card is 2% only if Apple Pay is used. The citi is 2% on everything. For your income a no annual fee card would be better.

    You can try to apply for the Apple Card after the citi card, and it’s only a hard inquiry if you get approved.

    You can also try to get the AOD card that’s 3% cash back on everything. It’s from a credit union so there would be a fee to join, but that’s also the most cash back.

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