Basement flooding

Hi all, I wanted to see how things are handled carrier to carrier and state to state when looking at water claims in basements. Primarily the scenario of water entering the basement through walls and doors. A lot of questions come up about coverage and gaps in coverage for these kinds of instances. Many carriers will not cover this kind of loss, unless it’s the true “water backup” such as a sump pump overflow, or backup of a drain.

So how do your carriers cover things like water that enters someone’s home through a lower level, like a basement door, or seeps through a wall? Flood insurance typically does not cover much in the basement unless it’s the structure itself, or working parts of the house, so it won’t cover carpet and drywall. Does anyone have carriers that cover this kind of loss? or options for their customers for this kind of loss?



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  1. Typically any type of water damage that is from rising, seeping, flooding, etc. will not be covered. Usually the only way to go through adding that coverage back is through FEMA’s flood policy.

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  3. I was an independent adjuster that worked claims for dozens of companies across multiple states before moving to sales in a wholly different state.
    I have never seen a homeowners policy cover seepage or water coming under doors/through basement windows etc.

    Making sure the foundation is sealed and the land is graded properly to divert surface water is the owner’s responsibility.

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