Bitcoin FUD is created by those who want to control price and momentum.

Those who live in these united States or Canada would be living in squalor if it was not for oil, coal and natural gas. To think at this point you could possibly live without these energies is just your own inability to grasp what these energies have done to create the way we live asnd at this point there is no way green energies could displace them. They have made our lives easier and better.

The energy bitcoin uses is energy people are willing to buy in the energy market place to run the bitcoin network. Good bad or whatever. It has to do with the freedom to use your own wealth to purchase goods and services for whatever you choose. This includes energy.

So lets go here since bitcoin is a waste of energy so is all the energy you use to power your TV, your Cell Phones, your jacuzzis, your dish washers, your hair dryers, your irons, your washer and dryers and air conditioners they are all unneccessary uses of energy. I decree they are all unneccessary and useless wastes of energy and you can not use these devices because I see them to be a complete waste. Lets add to that list trains and buses that are not filled with human bodies this is also a waste of energy. Street light on highways, streets and parking lots are also a huge waste of energy when on at all times of darkness. Wall Street is a huge waste of energy so is online gambling, concerts, sports events all of these are a huge waste of energy.

Control is control. Owning bitcoin is not a problem but not owning bitcoin is the problem.

Buy Bitcoin, stack bitcoin and remember fear is a point of control from those who want control.

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  1. As a thinking person, I appreciate your appeal to reason, facts, logic, truth, and so forth.

    Look at the acronym “FUD”. Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. Those are all feelings. The fudsters are appealing to irrational emotions by using lies.

    Keep spreading the truth!

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