Bitcoin price July 2013 – $66, December 2013 – $1163. July 2017 – $1830, December 2017 – $19700. Current price action is standard bull cycle consolidation (Fibonacci Analysis)

**The Golden Ratio**

Some of you may not know about Fibonacci ratios but that’s ok. I will not overcomplicate this post and you don’t need to be a TA expert to understand it.

Suffice to say, these ratios, particularly what’s referred to as the golden ratio (1.618), aren’t limited to TA, but ubiquitous in all nature and cosmos.

Fans of The Da Vinci Code will remember Professor Langton explaining how mathematics and art collide via the ‘golden ratio.’

The golden ratio is sometimes called the “divine proportion,” because of its frequency in the natural world. Space-time itself is defined by this mathematical constant. Naturally, we humans are somehow programmed to act in accordance with this ratio in everything we do.

**Golden Ratio in Bitcoin**

Bitcoin’s price action right now is following the exact same pattern that it did in 2013 and 2017. Let’s take a look. These charts are very easy to follow,

[First big run, new ATH and correction to 1.618 (2011-2013)](

[Same pattern (2013-2017)](

[Unerringly rhythmical (2017-2021)](

When Steve Wozniak called Bitcoin a mathematical miracle, he wasn’t kidding. Whatever makes the price action so unerringly rhythmical this way between halving cycles can be empirically analyzed by humans similar to the patterns in nature but never fully understood.

It once again begs the question if Mathematics was invented or discovered.

I was already super excited 3 years ago to observe whether the same pattern would play out again. To see it play out exactly the same way (so far) is nothing short of spine-chilling.

You can check out the two pinned posts on my profile.

In February 2018, when everyone was panicking, I pointed out that we would go back to 19k and beyond in the next cycle.

Back then, I hadn’t yet analyzed the price action this closely but I knew the quadrennial cycles.

Then in December last year, I called for $100k before the end of 2021 which I still stand by.

Similar to my prediction in 2018, I understand that this may be too optimistic to imagine right at this moment.

In my personal opinion, it’s very likely that 29k turns out to be the bottom for this correction phase.

But you should of course DYOR.

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  1. I keep telling myself this…

    And yet… my bag keeps going down down down…

    BTC went from 10k to 60k too fast… but the fall has been too far to sub 30k… Lets see if the jump from 30k to 200k is just as fast

  2. While this is true, we must all remember that the price is not determined by mathematical principles, but by how people decide to sell and buy.

    But I agree. I think we’ll see more bull action during autumn.

  3. These currents red months are a gift to us all to accumulate more BTC! I think 100k BTC is coming for sure, even if the cycle is delayed till next year.

  4. When girls say crypto is astrology for men they really aren’t kidding lol

    I like this TA though, thanks OP.

  5. Can you guys do me a favour and hodl the price at 30k when I get my paycheck in 10 days? /s

  6. Certainly an interesting theory. I once had a girlfriend who was synesthetic and the golden ratio was something she had an inbuilt sense for. She would always point out things from nature to music to advertising, and she could describe how and why the golden ratio was involved. She could literally decode it in her mind. She was confirmed as being on the autistic spectrum shorty after we separated.

    Being a bit of a brain-dead bonehead myself, I seem far less in tune with it, but find it quite fascinating all the same.

  7. This why I have been buying since the crash in 2018. I have bought more during this dip and I expecting a huge bull run in the coming months.

  8. Truth. The timelines for these runs are almost exactly the same. People frighten to easy.

  9. Thanks for encouraging me to hold on. Last time I felt the strong urge to sell something, and did, the price shot up the next week! This time, I’m going to do the opposite of my strong urges!

  10. “Naturally, we humans are somehow programmed to act in accordance with this ratio in everything we do”

    lol do you have any data to back that up my dude?

  11. You have missed one very important factor, I started to get involved in Jan this year.

    I’m sorry.

  12. Of course mathematics was discovered , it’s the only reason the universe works , how else could everything come from a singularity ? “It was created by math”

  13. Your post made me a millionaire. If this turns out as u say, the lambo is coming home!! 😎

  14. The major difference is the first 2 are wicks down and V shape recoveries, this time is anything but that. It wasn’t a blow off top but a rounded top, and it isn’t a V shape recovery but a slow bleed.

    What does this mean? The price will continue moving right.

  15. 65 to 29 isn’t a 1.68 ratio, its a 2.2 ratio. There are three possibilities IMO: (1) simple consolidation (2) true bear market (3) market manipulation. I lean towards (2) because the trend in volumes is that the volume spikes every step down but each time it’s a weaker rebound, price takes three steps backwards then rebounds one step up, volume spikes a little but less each time as if the few bulls left get exhausted of buying dips that are never the last dip. I see this going back to 20k before a real bounce, but I’m not sure. If I was sure I’d sell today to buy back later, but I’m not!

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