Can I lose my coverage if I autocross my car?

I recently moved to Michigan and am looking to get new insurance (don’t even get me started on this no-fault BS) and when looking at some carriers they have those boxes you can put in your car to track your driving and reduce your rates. When I was talking to Progressive about Snapshot, I asked what would happen with that if I take my car to the track. I take my car to autocross or track days every so often and I don’t want that to jack up my rates. When I said that the agent told me that Progressive and most other carriers do not cover any vehicles that are used for racing in any way and canceled my quote. I knew they wouldn’t cover accidents that happen on-track, which I acknowledge and am fine with, but I didn’t know they flat-out didn’t cover vehicles used for racing. This has me nervous now, if my insurance company finds out I take my car to the track could they cancel my policy?

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  1. In Ohio, State Farm said (after I flooded and blew out my engine) not to go offroading in my Jeep or they won’t cover it again. My drive shaft separated on the highway and I needed a police report proving the location or they weren’t going to cover it. Some standard policies don’t cover “extreme” use.

  2. The “standard” racing exclusion is as follows:

    Loss to “your covered auto” or any “non-owned auto”, located inside a facility designed for racing, for the purpose of:
    a. Competing in; or
    b. Practicing or preparing for;
    any prearranged or organized racing or speed contest.

    Unfortunately personal auto policies are amongst the least standardized in the industry.

    However, the progressive language I quickly found is:

    3. to any vehicle resulting from, or sustained during practice or preparation for:
    a. any pre-arranged or organized racing, stunting, speed or demolition contest or
    any vehicle resulting from, or sustained during practice or preparation for:
    activity; or
    b. any driving activity conducted on a permanent or temporary racetrack or race-

    Which certainly doesn’t sound like it applies. However they may have underwriting guidelines around vehicles used to race.

  3. Never ever ever tell your regular insurance company you do this, and *really* never ever ever try to claim damages that happened at the track or autocross. If for some reason you want this device in your car, take it out when you go to the track.

    I’m a track enthusiast myself. While it seems draconian for insurance companies to do this (hell, if anything, we are less risky drivers than the general public in covered situations), people frequently try to defraud insurance companies by lying about damage sustained at the track. I have friends that have done it. For this reason, they do not like it and can drop you for it.

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