Car accident

I was in an accident couple months ago, had to have nose surgery bc I hit my nose on sterring wheel. I had whiplash and a minor concussion. My hospital bills were 24k insurance [health] insurance pd 5900. Loss wages were 1800.00 how would I determine a fair amount for my injury? Total car repairs $7200, theyre car was totaled

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  1. No one here can accurately help you. Pain and suffering amount is subjective, and we don’t know what the limits are here. The other insurance company will only pay up to the limits on the insured’s policy. In some states, the amount of medical bills alone would exhaust bodily injury state minimums. Lost wages can be paid out as well, but you will have to prove it. Car repairs are separate, and again, if the other party has state minimums, $7,200 could exceed that amount.

  2. Claims adjuster here. Pain and suffering are extremely subjective.
    In the old days (and some people still do this), is just to take all the medical bills and use a multiplier (typically between 2-3). But nobody does that anymore. As we all know, medical bills are just crazy. One procedure on Medicare may cost $100, but without insurance can cost $1000.

    Ultimately, only a jury can determine the value of the case. I currently work in litigation claims, so I go by experience. Before working in litigation, I often consulted with senior adjusters.

    The main determination of the injury is what was injured and how long did it take. Occupation is important too. For a nose injury, if you were a construction worker, I probably wouldn’t consider anything “extra.” If you were a model, 100% would give gobs extra. If there was anything special going on, let us know too. For example: a black eye isn’t “worth” that much since it heals on its own. But I had a bride that had double black eyes two days before her wedding, yup, that was worth a ton more.

    I presume you don’t have an attorney since you are on this message board. I would just give the insurance company all the information, have them figure it out. That’s what most unrepresented people do. Let them make the first step of telling you “you case’s value is at $X.” You may ask for a breakdown if you want. Then negotiate from there.

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