Confusion: Do I file?

The cop listed the other guy at fault. I have some body damage to fix but my insurance said I could file with them, or get the other insurer to pay my bodywork and rental.

I’m from SC and I’m confused. I thought the insurers figured out who paid whom.

I don’t understand what is the best option. I have a $500 deductible, but is it worth making the other insurer pay if I avoid that deductible?

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  1. Police don’t determine fault. You have a couple choices (besides filing suit). File a claim on his insurance. They will investigate and if they accept liability they will pay for your damages and a rental up to their policy limits. This could a few days or it could take weeks of their insured doesn’t cooperate. Or based on their opinion or if their insured won’t answer their calls, they may deny the claim altogether. Or your can file on your policy and they will attempt to get your deductible back from the other company. The latter option will get your car fixed immediately but it could be a week or two before you get your deductible back, it could be months, or you might never get it back.The former option, well, I already covered that. It’s basically a matter of time vs money and which is more important to you.

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