DP for Citi Custom Cash (Denial)

Hey y’all, just want to leave this DP over here.

I got denied for a Custom Cash a few weeks ago. I applied two days after getting approved for Chase Sapphire Preferred in person.

Ngl, being instantly approved for CSP made me feel a bit lucky and I thought I should roll the dice and apply for the Custom Cash, which I did the day after.

Experian: 764 (Pulled Experian)
Equifax: 780
Transunion: 800

Inquiries before applying:

Oldest account 6yrs and 7mo

Current Cards
Wells Fargo Active Cash (PCd from Platinum)
Discover It (PCd after graduating from Secured)
US Bank Cash+

Called recon line and they said the only problem for the denial was that I had too many applications within 5 days and she said that it was the banks decision and she couldn’t do anything about it.

Didn’t know that 5 day applications were an issue so I wanted to share here for people that might feel antsy or trigger happy when It comes to applying Citi.

The representative did suggest to wait 3-6months before applying again.

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  1. I had a similar experience. Got approved for the Chase Freedom Flex last month to finish 5/24.
    Decided to roll the dice for the Citi Custom Cash the very next day. The plan was to get my CCC inquiry further away from a Premier App later in the fall when I can hit the sign up bonus with property taxes due.
    Got an instant denial for too many recent inquiries and accounts. I called recon and they ran the app again to no avail. Should have done more research on citi being inquiry sensitive. Especially with both banks pulling Experian.
    Decided to product change to the CCC instead of burning another pull prior to my fall premier app.

  2. Damn so did your CSP report instantly? How would they know you applied for multiple cards in less than 5 days?

  3. I have so many cards in the past three months. Six. I’m going to wait until next year before trying Citi Custom Cash again.

  4. Citi restrictions for Cards are:

    Personal : 1 every 7-8day period ( I heard anywhere between 7 or 8 days)

    Business : once every 90 days

    Exclusive for Citi Cards overall : Up to two Citi credit card applications in any 60-day period

    If you want to apply for a Citi personal card, you need to wait at least 7-8 days period to apply for a Citi They automatically rejected you because you applied for CSP Two days prior. From your most recent card approval, just wait a little over a week to apply. Citi is one of those banks with pretty light restrictions so you can apply for it as long as you haven’t had a Citi card within 60 days. It is just you need to wait atleast 8 days from the last application approval. It doesn’t matter how many cards you got approved in the last month or so either as long as your credit score is high

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