Gap and Better car replacement

So I bought gap through my dealer.

Liberty Mutual offers Better car replacement. Extra $10 a month. I cant obviously double dip if I am fault because I’d still owe the cash value as gap will only cover unpaid net minus cash price of car. But say another driver hits me and have I both coverages, their insurance would cut a check for total loss, gap will only cover unpaid difference. Since I wouldn’t be a 3rd party claim and I am getting cut check from their insurance. I’d still be able to get better car replacement?

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  1. Better car replacement would be if you chose to file a collision claim with your own insurance. It doesn’t come into play when another insurance pays for your damages. Gap coverage, if bought directly from the bank, would come into play whenever you are paid for damages that are less than what you owe.

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  3. That only comes into play if you use your own insurance. Also read the fine print. I almost got that coverage but if I remember correctly, it only covers a car in the first year and 15k miles or something like that. Wasn’t really worth it to me.

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