Ghosted by 2 adjusters now, also how do you prove a repair is needed?


ETA: we’re in SC.

Our water damage claim (burst pipe) was initially fine, we had to push past the third party adjuster who was totally useless but we got approved for new floors and re-painting baseboards throughout downstairs (among other repairs too). Once the old floors came up we found out we needed subfloors too, so that was meticulously documented and submitted to the insurance company. It took over 2 months for someone to answer us to say they wanted the supplement formatted differently. Our contractor cranked it out the same day to them as requested. That was June 8th. After our contractor finally talked to our adjuster I got a voicemail on July 1st from our adjuster, listing the things he is approving. He told my husband on July 9th he’d call him when he had the updated approved estimate done later that day. Crickets since then. No estimate, no payment, will not return calls from anyone, we’ve spoken to the main line for claims, had a task created for him to call us back, called his manager Monday of this week (which makes me feel like a Karen, but that’s what they’re called). His manager told us to give the adjuster until EOB on Wednesday, and if we hadn’t heard then to call him on his direct cell phone number. This is the second adjuster to ghost us. We are always pleasant. I know our contractor got a little heated with him on the phone because he’s contesting work that is a standard part of the repair, but we have only been nice and we cannot get a response. What the heck do we do? We’re ready to go to a lawyer.


The work he’s contesting is painting walls that have had baseboards removed and reattached (because of the resulting caulk line and because a perfect match is near impossible with sun fading the existing paint). He said we don’t need to caulk the baseboard at all, actually. How do I prove precedent for this, or that this repair is considered industry standard for restoring our home to previous condition?


Also, we’re stuck living upstairs and have been since 4/30. No kitchen. No floors downstairs. How long can they make us do this? The adjuster told me we don’t need to stay anywhere else because we have somewhere to sleep and somewhere to bathe, but this is absolutely miserable and I cannot imagine how it can be allowed.


Thank you for any help!

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