Got denied for the CSP

I applied for the CSP today and got a screen that said “unfortunately we are unable to approve your request”. I tried calling the recon line but it ask for the last 4 numbers of my application, I don’t have one though. I also don’t see a reason why I’d get denied. I’m under 5/25 with a 730 FICO score. I have the CFF which I’ve always paid on time with.
Inquires edit *

-June 28th 2021 Chase CLI 2500-4000

Nov 17th 2020 Chase CLI request denied

July 21st 2020 Discover it cash back opened $2500

Nov 4th 2019 Chase FU opened “PCd to CFF last week”

Dec 19th 2019 Apple Card opened $2000
Gross income ~90k

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  1. That’s a bummer. With your income, I would have expected them to approve you. You do have a new cc that you recently got from another company. The CLI that was given to you for the freedom card was low. The minimum credit line that the CSP can be approved for is 5k

  2. If you list out your recent inquiries and also current cards with credit limits, we might be able to figure out a likely reason.

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