Guaranteed cure for red-candle blues

Anyone who doesn’t know why 4 years is relevant, please go and read up about Bitcoin and come back later.

If you don’t even know the basics, then for your own financial safety, please don’t have anything to do with it until you do.

OK, here we go !

Grab Bitcoin historical price data from

Click on the calendar icon to select the date range.

Set start date to Jul 18, 2010 ( the earliest data they have ).

Set the today’s date for the end date.

Download and import into Excel ( or Libra Office if you’re a cheapskate like me ! ).

( If you don’t want to signup and download the csv simply use CTRL A to select everything on the page they right mouse click and select copy then paste into a blank spreadsheet).

Delete any unnecessary rows or columns until you have the word ‘Date’ in cell A1 and ‘Price’ in cell B1 (today’s date should now be in cell A2).

Click on cell D2 and enter the formula =A1463

In cell E2 enter the formula =A1463

In cell G2 enter the formula =B2/E2

Select cells D2 to G2, and select copy

Select cells D3 until the end of your data and select paste.

You now have an awesome data set that will display line at a time <Date> <price> <Blank space> <Date 4 years previously> <price 4 years previously> <Blank space> <how many times your BTC value has multiplied by>

Truly risky to see that Apr 09, 2017 was the worst day for a 4 year HODL’er to sell, as Bitcoin purchased on Apr 09, 2013 is only worth a little over 5 times what it was purchased for !

Remember that nasty red candle yesterday ?

If you’d sold yesterday (Jul 20, 2021) Bitcoin you’d bought 4 years previously on Jul 20, 2017 you’d have a fiat value a little over 10 times your purchase price.

Can you afford not to HODL ?

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  1. Actually, I have my candles reversed. So when the market goes down they are actually green. When the market goes up they are red. Because when it dips, it’s time to buy. When you dip I dip, we all dip.

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