Higher surgery cost than anticipated, Which Cards should I go for now?

*Current credit cards: Discover it ($2,500), Apple Card ($2000), and Barclays AU ($25,000)

*FICO Scores Discover: 758

*Oldest credit card account age with you as the primary name on the account: both cards will turn a year at the end of July

*Annual income: ~$70,000

Just did my pre-op appointment and was taken aback by the additional overhead fees and the cost of an anesthesiologist. But it’s looking to be about ~7.5k total.

My credit history is finally about to hit a year at the end of the month and I’m hoping to go for the CSP for the welcome bonus, but upon realizing how much more I’d be spending I was also thinking about simultaneously going for the CFU as well?

in my previous post, I got the recommendation for AMEX in my last post, but I’m not sure if that high annual fee is worth it for me.

Does anyone else have any better ideas?
I would like to use my cards for future pleasure trips, but I’m also open to cashback options if that would be more advantageous.

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  1. It’s typically advised to wait 3 months between Chase cards, so I probably wouldn’t get CSP and CFU. Maybe consider CSP and Citi Premier (80k/$4k). Go for Premier first since Citi is sensitive to inquiries and new accounts with Premier.

  2. Sorry… no recommendations for cards but I do have a couple of alternative suggestions for you.

    Couple of thoughts come to mind for a medical procedure — 1) have you considered asking what the cash price for the procedure would be?? Most hospitals will discount a procedure by at least 50% right off the bat if you have the ability to do that. I know that the hospital I work for will do it and does it on a regular basis. Perhaps you could pay an all cash price and put it on an interest free card and then work out reimbursement after the fact with your insurance company; 2) there are several legitimate websites out there that market/partner with hosputals and day surgery centers to do an all inclusive, one-stop price for a procedure that includes everything from the cost of the stay to lab work to anesthesia as well as other items like radiology as well. You’ll have to look for those sites. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can mention them here without be kicked off this sub. Again, the hospital I work for partners with one of those sites and a lot of our patients use it.

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