Home owners insurance claim for leaking pipe

We bought this house about a year and a half ago. Within a month of buying we had hail two days in a row. Got a basically free roof. We noticed some water damage/ mold behind a base board that buts up to behind our shower. Thinking it’s a real slow leak in the shower at some pipes or something. My question is should I file a claim ? Will i likely be cancelled for too many claims too soon??? We are with USAA if that matters. Should I just try to fix myself ? This is in South Carolina.

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  1. 2 claims in <3 years is a good way to get your policy flagged for nonrenewal.

    You need to address water damage ASAP. Mold is not a covered peril on a homeowners policy. So that needs to be mitigated immediately.

    Homeowners insurance is for sudden and accidental losses, this sounds like something that has been occurring over time (not sudden & accidental).

    Only an adjuster would be able to make a coverage determination, that would require putting in a claim. A bell which cannot be un-rung.

    You should get an estimate ASAP to get this fixed see how much it is over your deductible and then determine if you want to put in a claim.

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