Homeowners insurance not accepting the inspection we already paid for only a few weeks ago….. liberty mutual

We are first time homebuyers and are looking into liberty mutual’s home insurance. We close soon so we were hoping to have this done with pretty quickly. We had a home inspection done maybe only 2 weeks ago, including a written report. We assumed that this report, that we paid extra for, would be what we needed to get homeowner insurance. However liberty wouldn’t accept the report as apparently it HAS to be a liberty agent inspecting the house. We wouldn’t have to pay for the second inspection but it would delay the closing by a week. None the less we are irritated. is this how all home insurance companies work? Or is liberty just hard to work with?

Edit: Washington state

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  1. >one the less we are irritated. is this how all home insurance companies work?

    No, not all companies require an inspection prior to binding of coverage. Only one of the companies I represent do. Usually it is a quick, exterior inspection done to make sure there isn’t anything super bad about the home.

    Lots of companies will do random post-binding inspections on homes to make sure there is nothing wrong with them and everything checks out.

    Did you tell the LM agent you were getting it done, and did they say that LM would accept a third-party inspection? Otherwise, I don’t think you have a leg to stand on here.

  2. That’s just how insurance companies overall work. If you’re paying the inspector to inspect your house for the insurance company, that’s a conflict of interest for the inspector.

  3. Yes. They do their own inspections as they may have different requirements that your inspection might not address. I’ve never had any company I’ve written for accept any outside inspection reports in replacement of their own.

  4. They won’t bind coverage without an inspection? What’s wrong with the house? Do you have bad credit?

    I’m not sure if this is common in your state, but… In NY & NJ, the carriers I work with will usually bind coverage and then inspect the home afterward. The have 60 days to underwrite the risk including the inspection during which they could cancel the policy if the house doesn’t meet their guidelines.

    Most companies I’ve seen order an inspection before binding coverage is if the client has really bad credit or there was a reason to believe that their were inordinate hazards at that location.

  5. Normally companies do their own inspection or the agent himself does. I’ve never asked for a customer’s inspection report or appraisal in order to write house insurance. I’d seek another agent that isn’t being weird about it.

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