How hard is it to break into the insurance field.

Recently got my degree in Insurance/risk managment, and i can’t wait to start working. Does anyone know some good job websites that focus on insurance related jobs.

Originally i had a job lined up for Healthcare underwriting, but do to lack of funding it was canceled last minute. I’m kind of scrambling at the moment.

Ideally I’d want to get into

product development


benefits analyst


Risk analyst

claims examiner (remote hopefully since I’m limited mobility wise from a disability)

And insurance fraud investigator.

Does anyone know of solid websites that have these types of positions? Or better yet how can i get my foot in the door? I’ve done 2 phone interviews for Farmers as there HQ is near me, but i stopped applying there since i couldn’t even get an in person interview yet.

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  2. It can be super easy, barely an inconvenience depending on your experience, skillset, education etc.

    Have you set up your LinkedIn profile? That’s a good way to find recruiters at least.

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