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I was recently approved for a US Bank Cash+ card. My goal is to get that card, the Citi Custom Cash card, and the WF Active Cash card. I can’t find the post, but I saw someone with similar goals to mine, and he was told to apply for the Citi Custom Cash card 1-2 weeks after getting approved for the US Bank Cash+ card. I plan on doing just that as well. How long should I wait before applying for the WF Active cash, assuming I get approved for the Citi Custom Cash card? I believe this US Bank Cash+ card was my 2nd inquiry this year since my first was a loan for solar panels. Thank you!

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  1. If it’s different banks, and you can hit the minimum spend on each at the same time, you want to apply for all of them at or near the same time, ordered most important to least important.

    If it’s the same bank, there are certain rules in place that may prevent this from happening.

    It generally won’t prevent the hard pulls from being noticed by the 2nd and 3rd application, but the new cards will definitely not show up until a few weeks after approval, so you can use your “good” credit report to get a bunch of cards at the same time.

  2. I just applied for the Citi Custom Cash and Wells Fargo Active Cash within a couple minutes of each other. Had to call the reconsideration line and verify some info for Citi, but I was approved for both. That brings me up to 11 inquiries and five new credit cards in the past year.

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