How to Invest $1000 Dollars in Crypto? Just Turned 18.

Hey Bitcoin community,

As you can gather from the title, I just turned 18 and have accumulated a decent sum of money throughout my years of summer jobs and birthdays. I’ve been interested in crypto, more specifically Bitcoin, for a few years now.

I have the fundamental knowledge of crypto but am looking to learn more. My question was concerning what recommendations you all had on how to invest $1000 into various cryptocurrencies? I was thinking about investing half into Bitcoin and the rest into a few other currencies. I’m not sure how far $1000 can get you in the realm of crypto, but for the moment I believe this is a good starting point. ( Or not?) I am willing to invest more money after I have a better understanding of crypto.

Before I close off, what would you guys say is the best crypto exchange for beginner use?

Also, I apologize if this was the wrong place to ask these questions.

Many thanks to everyone that replies!

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  1. A good youtube channel is invest answers, he has many good tutorials and put out a nightly video. He puts it out in time for Europe people to watch before bed. 👍

  2. Bitcoin and Ada is what I invest in. I dollar cost average a bit of my paycheck every 2 weeks. Easiest exchange to use is Coinbase. Make sure to research whatever you choose it invest in. I find it better to invest in what you believe in rather than what people tell you

  3. I swear by kraken if you live in Europe, if not Coinbase pro is a very good shout.

  4. DYOR, trust the project, have faith in the project and have diamond hands

  5. Coinbase Pro and Gemini Active Trader have the lowest fees for buying bitcoin in the USA.

    Don’t buy anything else. Just bitcoin. Buy it and hold it for 20 years. Enjoy the rest of your life.

  6. get bitcoin when it dips, a lot of pretty new ppl bought when it was much much higher and now are looking to just buy and hold at dips. but its also possible to sell during 6-10*% increases then look to buy at dips with those funds so that they kind of snowball as it rolls up and then down. that can only be done if this continues, if you were to make a decent sell and then it goes way higher you will regret the sell so we are just guessing and rolling some dice when we make a decision like that instead of just DCA and hoDling

  7. Download Electrum and keep it in there. Only get Bitcoin dont invest in any other cryptos theyre all scams to make their owner rich

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