How to watch the B-Word Conference (with Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood etc.)

* ~~go to~~ [](
* ~~Register you institution (mine is the famous Large Ball Sack SE)~~
* Watch the live streams from 9 am PDT (16:00 UTC) to day

# Edit: you can just follow these links to watch the live streams without registration:


|Title/Link|Description|PDP Time (UTC)|
|[Demystifying Bitcoin](|*Session 1*: Debunking “Bitcoin Wastes Energy” *Session 2*: Debunking “Bitcoin Faciltates Criminal Activity” *Session 3*: Debunking “Bitcoin is Unscalable” *Session 4*: Debunking “Bitcoin Ownership is Concentrated” *Session 5*: Debunking “Bitcoin Can Be Displaced Easily”|9am PDT (16:00 UTC)|
|[Bitcoin As A Tool For Economic Empowerment](|Featuring Cathie Wood, Jack Dorsey, and Elon Musk, Steve Lee will moderate this live panel discussion where nothing is off limits!|11am PDT (18:00 UTC)|
|[Supporting the Developer Ecosystem](|*Session 1*: Unpacking Open Source Development *Session 2*: The Bitcoin Developer Landscape *Session 3*: Solutions Panel *Session 4*: A Call to Action|12am PDT (19:00 UTC)|
|[Securing the Bitcoin Network](|*Session 1*: Consensus *Session 2*: Proof of Work *Session 3*: Attack Vectors|2:25pm PDT (21:25 UTC)|
|[Regulating Bitcoin](|*Session 1*: Regulating Bitcoin Keynote *Session 2*: Bitcoin and AML *Session 3*: A Congressional Outlook on Bitcoin|4:10pm PDT (23:10 UTC)|
|[Preserving the Bitcoin Ethos](|*Session 1*: Institutionalizing Bitcoin Session 2: Bitcoin and IP *Session 3*: Bitcoin and ESG|5:55pm PDT (00:55 UTC)|


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  1. Why do you even watch some car salesman and his ass-lickers about BTC.

    Who cares some scumbags talk about BTC ?

    Don’t post shit here about shitty people talk about BTC.

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