I put in more cash than I could afford to not touch for a long amount of time.

So I have learned my lesson about the illusion of fast gains, fomo, and taking profits when possible (didnt sell either ada or matic at their peaks, watching them go down like 60% thinking “surely its a small dip)

I’ll be sure to pass the message on though. Surely, others will not disregard the good advice that I can give them based on my experience. Just like when peopled advised me and I… wait.

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  1. extra tip: you don’t sell shitcoins to cash in fiat, but convert them to BTC when the rate is favorable.

  2. Yea the only advice I ever give people is invest whatever you can afford to lose – if it’s 100k or $1. I always take some profits but you have to do what is best for you as I always think of my family first so I try not to put myself in a position of stress. That’s me though other people are different and some people just “got it” and whatever they touch is gold.

  3. I DCA at lows, but I also do the reverse at peaks, I sell over time because I can’t time the exact peak.

  4. Certainly people will start listening to the notion of how a bull run can collapse when it starts. I didn’t think it would, but… hang on…

  5. Consider this training for the next cycle. Most who e been around a cycle or two have done this. Just dont make the same
    Mistake and youll do really well the next go round.

  6. Fuc shitcoins! All hype on most 90% of these coins. 0 commits on github just a pump and dump to get more btc.

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