If You Own 0.25 BTC Then You Own More Bitcoin Than 99% Of The World!

This is not opinion. It is mathematical fact. There is really no way around it as long as we make two assumptions.
1.) There will be a maximum of 21,000,000 BTC ever. If there is less (which there is) this only proves my point further. 2.) The population of earth stays at 7,700,000,000 or increases. If the population were to decrease then my numbers would be off a little but it will still hold true.
With those assumptions, the fact is that if you own 0.25 BTC now or in the future… that you own more Bitcoin than 99% of the world.
This is not arguable. There are a maximum of 21,000,000 coins so let’s pretend they are all available. None are lost or in Satoshi’s wallets.
21,000,000 / 0.25 BTC = 84,000,000
That means there are 84,000,000 segments of 0.25 BTC available.
84,000,000 / 7,700,000,000 = 0.010901
So as long as you own 0.25 BTC you own more bitcoin than 99% of the world. You are in the top 1%!
And in reality, we know that only 18.5m have been released. And 1m is in Satoshi’s wallets and they say 3m has been lost. If that’s the case then lower the 21,000,000 to 14.5 million and you would only need own 0.20 BTC to have more than 99% of the world.
Again, there is no getting around this. It is fact. It doesn’t matter if 1 person had the other 20,999,999.75 bitcoins. Your 0.25 BTC means you own more than 99% of the world. You would not necessarily be in the top 1% of bitcoin holders. You simply own more than 99% of the world. It is impossible for you to fall out of that number if you have a quarter bitcoin.
0.25 and HODL

If you have 0.25 BTC at the moment, you have the equivalent of 8000$ in a savings account.
The average American has about $4,500 in savings.
By 2026, BTC will likely be over $100,000, putting that 0.25 BTC at $25,000.
So, long before all the Bitcoins are mined (around 2140), that small amount of BTC (0.25) will exceed most American savings by factors of 10 or 100.
By 2031 (about 10 years away), you’ll likely have a comfortable nest egg for retirement ($250,000), assuming you own your own home, have a good 401k retirement plan and medical coverage.
If you have 0.25 BTC, you’re a very lucky person. But don’t let it go to your head. Live modestly, eat healthy and keep fit.
No one enjoys regular visits to the hospital, even if the doctor is a nubile blonde who does acknowledge, Angry things with her glove.

According to markets research. “ The cryptocurrency market, this market was valued at USD 541.0 Million in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 2,902.0 Million by 2023, at a CAGR of 32.31% between 2017 and 2023. The cryptocurrency market is witnessing significant growth because of the benefits of compliance-free peer-to-peer transaction, cross-border remittance transfer, and increase in use cases, as well as some macro drivers such as volatility in the stock market and fluctuating monetary regulations in different countries. The growth of the cryptocurrency market is further propelled by the transparency and immutability of the distributed ledger technology and benefits such as faster transaction and reduction in total ownership cost.”
This clearly indicates that the various benefits of cryptocurrencies coupled with the fact that it acts as insurance against national economic failure has helped it find many takers. It would not be far-fetched to see cryptos fast becoming the currency of choice in 2030 as it epitomizes personal freedom.

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  1. I definitely plan on using Bitcoin as a part of my overall financial plan. I’m using it to supplement my 403b and Roth IRA.

    You’re right, though. Most people, unfortunately, are deep in debt and live paycheck to paycheck. I mostly blame our central banking/credit system, which has disincentivized personal savings. Our fiat system discourages personal responsibility when it comes to finance. Economic issue? Just pump more low interest funny money into the economy. Fuck that.

    My belief in libertarian ideals (and Austrian economics) has made me see how beautiful Bitcoin is as a concept.

  2. There’s so many people who won’t or can’t buy BTC tho. More for us I guess lol.

  3. There will be a maximum of about 20 awkward poems written by me in highschool too, and I own 100% of the world’s stock.

    That doesn’t make my poems worth $1 trillion each.

  4. World median income is about ~10K USD per household or 3K household per Capita. So 1 BTC is currently worth about ten years of labor for an individual worldwide and 0.25 would be 2.5 years. So yes you own more than most others but this is not something to gloat about.

  5. 1 Satoshi will = 1c USD eventually, most experts have estimates ranging from 5-10 years…
    It currently sits at a -x29* of this…
    With a total supply of 21million… ( not including what is yet to be mined or what is lost, conservative estimates are around 15-17 million)
    And a current population of 7.674 billion…
    The current equal representation per person for bitcoin is 0.0027272727272727 bitcoin per person….
    At todays price that means its current value per person if every single person wanted their “share” of bitcoin would be about $96 usd…
    The current world “Gdp” is $80,934,771,028,340… almost 81 trillion.
    If every person on earth today owned their share of bitcoin its value to be $739,200,000,000…. only 739 billion.
    With a multiplication value of only 29, this will only bring the price to $21,436,800,000,000…. 21 trillion….
    This puts the equal representation per person for bitcoin of 0.0027272727272727 at about $2784. Pretty good return on investment of $96 to secure your “share” of bitcoin in todays price.

    If i have any understanding on human emotions when it comes to greed and FOMO, this means not everyone own some bitcoin, and the price will be MUCH higher than this. These etimates put the price per bitcoin at $1023000… PER BITCOIN.

    None of this takes into consideration the potential infaltion % in the future, this is at todays current market value…

    Do your own reasearch, make your own investments, dont risk more than you can afford to loose, but im all in.

  6. Wouldn’t this prove that BTC ownership is centralized at the top by a small 1% of people? Where have we seen this before?

  7. I see this trotted out every month or 6 weeks, and what I always wonder is the answer to this headline…

    ***If you own 0.25 BTC, you own more BTC than X% of BTC holders.*** …because there are an overwhelming number of people who aren’t BTC holders by comparison.

  8. I am a holder.

    And also, trying really hard but I don’t understand any of this math. If you divide the number # of 0.25 coins package by earth population, that yields 0.01 package of 0.25 BTC per person (0.025 BTC). But what does this even have related with distribution?

    Don’t distributions depend at least on assuming concentration? If BTC (or dollar) is super concentrated on top 0.1%, being at top 1% will be way easier than the scenario it is more evenly distributed. But I don’t see even any premise on distribution (is it normal distribution? power law?). Can you explain better?

  9. >By 2026, BTC will likely be over $100,000


    I mean, I *hope* it is, but thats some wishful thinking there, buddy.

  10. It’s complicated because distribution is not equal, is farm from equal, and will never be equal.

  11. OK, but if you own a X amount of shitcoin Y, you can own more than 99.999% of the world for a far lower price!

  12. Yes, 1 BTC would worth $1 million in 10 years time. Sounds about right to me. It could worth even more as many owner might lose thier bitcoins along the way (e.g lost password/wallet or owner decease unexpectedly..) lesser BTC in the market.

  13. It doesn’t matter any more to be in the top 1%. You will need to be in the top 0.01% in order to live a live with true freedom.

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