illicit activities in Bitcoin

I’m creating this topic about the concern and the thought when it comes to cryptocurrency involvement in illicit transactions especially Bitcoin.
96% of the government said crypto is used for the illicit transaction and the thought of the crypto community and users (including myself) is that some government is trying to make people believe crypto is evil because the illicit transaction has been happening before the existence of Bitcoin which the statement made by Chainalysis director of research Kim Grauer also confirmed it that “about 1% of all economic transfers involving cryptocurrencies is associated with illicit activity while suggesting that 5% of U.S dollars alone are linked to money laundering.”

Why did some governments still say/believe Bitcoin is used for illicit activities?

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  1. watch what they say not what they do.

    its misinformation meant to confuse or deceive stupid people.

  2. I wonder what percentage of the government is involved in illicit activities. I’ll bet it’s a lot more than 1%!!!

  3. Because they are scared as shit that the control over the human masses through fiat is slipping away from them into the crypto territory, which is out of their control, thanks to sweet Jesus.

  4. Because they are pushing the eyes off of them and onto something else like always.

    Because they still think silk road or similar is a thing.

    They’re old mis-informed dinosaurs protecting their wealth.

    A lot of people most likely got involved in crypto, didn’t know what the fuck they were doing (this is why you research things you stupid people) and claimed they were scammed, so now the banks have a liability in some cases and had to pay out, all because some stupid “I want to get rich quick” people got scared.

    The majority of crypto holders I would say are young/middle aged. Government doesn’t want generations to be brought up into crypto, they want them to be in constant fear of it. That’s how fiat falls, teach the young about how money works and how to use it, like they don’t do in school.

  5. The government should look into what percentage fiat currency is used for “illicit transactions” I’m sure it’s way more than bitcoin.
    That’s my soap box for today

  6. Meanwhile drug dealers worldwide use Fiat cash for illicit activities but govt doesn’t care. This is a bunk argument to spread FUD

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