Infinite Money Glitch

I just wanted to know if this would be possible soooo….

First of all, could I buy an amount that big that the price of btc instantly goes from let’s say 30k to 40k, and if that’s possible couldn’t I just instantly sell with big profit?

I was asking me this because I saw that in the last days btc dropped really fast and now the price went really fast back to almost the same amount that it was worth when it dropped, why does that happen is this because of the “Infinite Money Glitch”?

I don’t know if I sound dumb or if it is really obvious that you can’t do that but yeah here I am.

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  1. You wouldn’t get 40k for each Bitcoin sold. The price changes with each one a move from
    30-40k is intense. Lots of coins.
    Remember the value of these coins are what people will buy and sell at. Check the book orders.

  2. Yeah I mean that’s the basis of manipulating markets with a pump and dump scheme. For bitcoin that capital would be outrageous but in concept, with say a lower market cap alt coin or stock (GME anyone?), happens often.

  3. If you would drop this massive amounts of BTC in the same time you would trigger a flash sale because imagine you sell 10 thousand BTC at a Price of 40k dollars the price would drop instantly since the orders from people who are buying aren’t enough so your BTC would go lower to look for the next order to fill and so on, so if in the end the BTC price falls to 30k because of you then you would have sold all your BTC between 40 and 30k.

    So this is what Happens a lot but mostly with smaller amounts, so BTC is at 32,500, I drop my 5k BTC and price instantly drops too 32,000, then you got a lot of cash on the sideline you buy at 32,000 and then price goes pretty much back to 32,500 since you bought a lot down, so since you got the orders filled in between 32,5k -32k you can make some good money at that’s because we saw a lot of ups and downs wich came back on the same level very quick

  4. It’s all about supply and demand.

    If people want to sell at 30K and you buy it all then the supply goes down. If you want to sell that same BTC at 40k but there isn’t a market for 40k BTC the price will fall back down to due lack of buyers and increased selling.

    So, kind of yes but also no.

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