Insurance details without login?

I’m 22 and under my mother’s work insurance. She refuses to give me any of our insurance info, but I snuck a picture of our card while she was out once and use that when I need to give my insurance info. I’m trying to go to therapy, but I need to know the copay ahead of time so I can save up – some googling says that’ll be listed on the insurance website under our specific plan. I have no idea what plan we have so I can’t just google it.

Is there any chance of our insurance provider (Aetna) giving me my own login info, or giving me hers if I call and can confirm my identity/our insurance info from the card? I’m hard of hearing and have terrible phone anxiety because of it so I don’t want to freak out over a phone call just to not get any results. I really need this therapy so I can get back on meds and back to functioning highly enough that I can gtfo of here.

edit: My state (Massachusetts) has free insurance but I can’t get on it while I’m covered by “better insurance,” and my mom won’t stop covering me until I’m 24. I turn 23 soon but I don’t know if I can last another year without it.

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  2. Heads up, she will definitely find out you went to the Dr. You may want to find a self pay situation if you don’t want her to know. Either way, I’m sorry she’s not supportive of you going.

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