Is 0.1 BTC something to be proud of?

Title says it. I’ve been spending what I can here and there for a while now trying to stack some BTC and I’ve finally got to 0.1 BTC.

I’m starting to wonder only a tenth of a Bitcoin is going to mean anything? I feel like so many people have been in BTC for years and years and likely have much more than that.

Is (could) 0.1 BTC become meaningful in the years to come?

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  1. My first post 4-5 years ago was basically “Is 1 btc something to be proud of”. And in another 4-5 years from now someone will post “is .01 btc something to be proud of”. And each time the answer will be YES

  2. There is a theoratical total of 21 miljon and a practical total of 17 mil.
    if everybody holds 0.1 btc then therr are 170 mil btc holders. So you own 1/170.000.000 of al btc. I can imagine more then 170.000.000 people want btc in the near future thus 0.1 btc is indeed something to be proud of.

  3. A tenth of a Bitcoin is a ton of money for some people, and pocket change for others.

  4. 10 million sats it’s definitely something alot of people can’t afford to buy that much nowadays even.

  5. Why are you questioning the amount you own? Some have zero and some are addicted to meth while huffing propane and propane accessories.

  6. Remember that many Americans don’t have $1000 in savings. Meanwhile, remember that we still expect a 10X return from this price, if you can be patient. That means it’s like having $30k in the future. I’d be happy to have that!

  7. Would you be proud of having $3000? That would be ridiculous, right? What about if bitcoin goes to $100K and you now have $10K? I can understand feeling pride at having done a good job, or at having done the right thing in a difficult situation, etc., but I don’t think that pride enters into what you’re talking about.

    Also, I’m not sure what the size of others’ stacks have to do with your pride. If your pride is dependent on how much money you have compared to others, you won’t be happy no matter the size of your stack, because you’re right: there are lots of people with more and there always will be.

    But your last question is easiest to answer. Yes, it will be a meaningful amount.

  8. well i firmly believe that btc will one day be 1 million dollars so yea i think its something to behold

  9. The first step is still the first step, congrats on getting this far. Keep going, do your research, invest smart & HODL
    Soon, you’ll be able to grow it. Nevermind the negativity around, there’s always lots (if you pay attention to it)

  10. Yep. Look at where bitcoin was 5, 10 years ago. If it continues its overall upward growth, imagine where in could be in another 5, 10, 20+ years. Lot of speculation on what each bitcoin would be worth, but .1 is still more than what most people own.

  11. All BitCoin is something to be Proud of. Say it out loud three times to yourself upon waking up and going to bed.

  12. 8 billion people in the world —-> you do the math!

    And if you can’t, pretend you can, because the people here will eat you alive.

  13. You are doing good…. But have a long way to go…

    Shoot for .3…. And you will be in the top 10%…

    If everyone in the world bought btc… They couldn’t have .3…

    Keep it up… The price will drop more b4 it goes up.

    Watch this video on the 4 yr cycle… It will help your timing.

  14. That’s 10 million satoshis you will be a millionaire one day. Just HODL it!!! Don’t ever think about selling it no matter how bad the urge

  15. Alright. Bitcoin OG here. Keep Stacking. Not much time left. Only 21 Million Bitcoin Forever. If you sell, I buy. I am The grim reaper of Bitcoin. Good Luck.

  16. this is like being concerned about ‘only’ having 100k because it’s not a million, or something

    or maybe like being concerned that you only have 10 of some stock instead of 100

    in the end the asset will appreciate (or depreciate lol) at the same rate whether you have $1 in it or $1,000,000

    just participate in it to the level you are able and willing to

  17. Damn right. But don’t share that anymore, in a few years you won’t want anyone to know what you got!

    Nice work gathering, now send it to ledn and get 6.1% interest on it, stack those sats while you sleep!!!!

    Congrats, you just changed your future in a very positive way!

  18. Don’t get you head up in the cloud, currency is only worth what you can buy when you need it. Right now that is equivalent to about 3k usd. I have about that amount on an exchange, waiting for another dip which may never come. It’s play money, it’s a game. I work hard at my job for the actual income.

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