Is this my best CC move when buying a ticket to Hawaii?

Less of a what card should I get and more of a “is this my best option” post.

Buying a ticket to Hawaii on somewhat shorter/tighter time frame. Cost is $1080. I currently have a Discover Student card with 5% activated on PayPal. Would it be my best play to purchase this ticket through PayPal and use my Discover card there to get 5% back? Besides that I have a WF Student Card which doesn’t give me much and a BofA student card with like 3% on categories.

Just asking cause I typically don’t buy tickets and not sure if there are more inventive ways to get a good value. Thanks

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  1. Use the spending to satisfy a signup bonus. There are plenty of cards offering $200-300 for spending of $750-$1000.

  2. Yeah, if you can use Paypal to pay for the ticket, and don’t have another way to max out the 5%, go for it. There are better cards to use, but not among those you have.

  3. I mean 5% of $1080 is only $54

    I’d definitely look for a new card, Some times the airlines have offers in the checkout process with money off and instant card numbers

  4. You buy with whatever card you currently have because the price of the flight might go up by the time you get this new card, thereby negating any benefit.

  5. The American Express Platinum, assuming you maximize the coupon book that this card has become, offers 5x on airfare booked directly with the airlines, which would exceed the value, if redeemed for travel than what you would receive on the Discover IT using Paypal.

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