Life Insurance Referral!

Hello, I’m 30f, and I live in WA State, and I’m looking for Life Insurance policies.

I need people’s personal experiences and recommendations to what companies and policies are fair and won’t try to weasel out of paying in the event of an accident or something, because if anything were ever to happen to me, I want my family well taken care of, not being hassled by the company.

I don’t want people who are promoting the company they work for either, you know? I’d like recommendations from people who have experienced a policy from start to finish successfully, without problems or deception.

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  1. We have a hard rule against solicitation here, so you shouldn’t see agents promoting themselves here.

    But your post reveals how ignorant you are of life insurance. First, insurance companies can’t “weasel out” of claims in life insurance unless the buyer committed fraud – the likely one in this sub at least is someone that’s contemplating suicide. If there is an out, then the insurance company has to return all of the premium to the beneficiaries.

    You need to find a financial advisor that can help you plan. This can be a very complicated subject, and anecdotes in this sub are just about worthless. You’re talking about long term relationships with companies that last 20, 30 or more years.

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