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So I’m trying to get into lightning. I set up a Phoenix wallet. I chose “receive funds”, then used my electrum wallet to scan the address. The address shows up as recipient with a little lightning icon, but it won’t let me put any amount in the amount box.
Not sure if it’s a segwit issue or what. Any ideas?
Thanks for any help

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  1. Do you have lightning channels already funded in Electrum, or is Phoenix the first time you’re doing anything with lightning?

    If it is the latter then I’m guessing (not sure because I’m not personally familiar with Electrum + Lightning) that that is why.

    One option is to send an on-chain transaction to Phoenix; when you choose “receive funds” there is an option to “show a Bitcoin address” underneath the QR code. Note that there is a fee & a minimum required amount associated with doing this (the details will be displayed on the screen).

    Otherwise you’ll have to look into how to convert on-chain balance into Lightning balance on the Electrum side.

  2. you can send a on chain transaction to phoenix

    on receive click on bitcoin address.

    and from phoenix you can start using lightning

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