Looking for consolidation advice, expecting large lump sum next year that I will use to clear debt fully

Looking for advice to to consolidate debt now with a loan. Plan to pay it off with money coming my way a year from now.

I currently have $13,000 in debt across three credit cards.

I am also the beneficiary of a deceased’s estate. I get large sums of money at the start of each year. This has gone toward paying my tuition and I am now about to enter my senior year of university.

To keep a long story short, I graduate in May 2022. I cannot dip into my monies until after that date when my college has been completely paid. Essentially, I am looking to consolidate my other debt now in order to save on monthly payments.

Right now I have very high utilization and low net disposable income. My credit score is approximately 660 for these reasons, but I have never missed a payment.

Ideally, I want to get a loan to clear most of my debt. I’d be content making payments of $600+ (similar to what I do monthly now). Ultimately, I’d pay the loan’s entire remaining balance in June or July next year when that inheritance become available.

Any suggestions? I just tried Payoff and was denied due to my NDI. I assume most personal loan companies would not understand how I could afford to pay them back but am looking for an outlier with less ‘questions asked’. I’d also be willing to try other suggestions such as credit cards for debt consolidation.

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  1. Bank with PNC, get the SUB for Virtual Wallet package

    After that clears, get your scores best you can, beef up income best you can

    then apply for Core Visa

    0% APR for 15 cycles, bigger CL than you dream you deserve

    and another SUB.


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