Lying about relationship with beneficiary on life insurance policy

My boyfriend, who is on active duty in the Army, was recently diagnosed with COPD and says he will die any day now. I live in New York and his home town is also New York City. He listed me as a beneficiary on his SGLI life insurance policy to cover my student loans. On his policy he stated that I was his “cousin.” I know there’s no reason for him to lie about the relationship with a beneficiary, but I don’t want to bother him about changing it. He also says it’s not necessary to put social security numbers. He did list my address. Would this be sufficient for verification. What are the chances I will be denied a payout because he listed me as his cousin, and the omission of my SSN. I would rather for him to be alive than to benefit from his death, but if that was to happen I would also be hurt and disappointed if I don’t get the money he intended to help me with.

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  1. You mention two points of verification, your name (as it appears on your ID), and your address. Is there a third point like a phone number? SSN would be good. The insurance company wants to be sure that they are paying the right party, typically they are not trying to deny the claim they are making absolutely certain that there is not some other person who could come forward later who the deceased intended as the beneficiary.

  2. you being listed as cousin could be as simple as an error as the agent selecting the wrong item from a drop down box. If he has names, bdays and addresses correct it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. That said, it also wouldn’t be much of an issue to go ahead and have it corrected either.

  3. Insurance agent here

    For the love of all that’s holy, do NOT lie to your insurance company. It literally does not matter the relation of beneficiaries. You can pick whomever you want. Just call and update it. Simple fix.

  4. So this is NY and they are unique in their life insurance laws so I’m not sure how things are handled there. But for the other 49 states I would say if the policy is issued he can simply do a change of beneficiary form amd correct any of those mistakes. The reason why he or the agent out down cousin was for insurable interest. You can’t take out a life insurance policy or have a beneficiary if you aren’t either a close relative or have some other insurable interest like a key employee. Thai being a government thing makes it even weirder. So I don’t think it’s a big issue if the policy is already in force. But dying from COPD at 35 seems pretty unlikely unless maybe he gets covid or something else to complicate it.

  5. Relationship is important on the form. SGLI doesn’t care if you name a girlfriend/boyfriend as the beneficiary. The relationship to the beneficiary is for this statement:

    ” I am free to name anyone I want as my beneficiary. I understand if I am married and have designated someone other than my spouse or child as my beneficiary, the person I have named is the person I intend to receive my insurance proceeds. I also understand that my spouse may be notified that he/she (or my child) is not my designated beneficiary.”

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