My auto insurer has stopped communicating about my claim and I have no idea what to do – really need help – IL

A month ago my car (2011 Honda Pilot) was hit while I was volunteering at a local charity event in the “parking area.” It was not an official parking lot, no lights, no cameras. I didn’t get back to my car until well after 10 pm, so I didn’t notice anything until the next day.

The next day I noticed the faint smell of radiator fluid, so I looked and saw some damage to the front and side of my car. I filed a claim online, uploaded the pics and wrote the brief statement that I wasn’t there, blah, blah (this was a Saturday). The system came back saying my car was most likely totaled and a rental had been reserved for me.

I briefly spoke to a claim rep on Tuesday, then nothing. The following Tuesday I rcvd a call from an adjuster – he had just been assigned to the case and I should have it towed to a body shop. A week later (due to the 4th of July), body shop calls me and says we found additional damage do you want us to turn it in too and I replied “only if you think it was caused at the same time.”

The adjuster gets everything, approves repairs, body shop orders parts.

Then I get an email a few days later from the claim rep saying an investigator has been assigned to the case. I spoke with her that day, sent her proof I was at the event, explained that I have had 3 spinal fusions (plus many other medical issues), legally disabled, can’t crawl around my car looking for damage and I thought an adjuster would come out to look at/for damage.

The last thing I got from them was they were going to have an independent adjuster take a look at the car, which I said I wanted to be present for – that was over a week ago and they are not responding to any form of communication (neither is my agent).

It has been over a month, my car rental is up and I have no idea what to do.

I really could use help, guidance and advice.

Thank you

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  1. The claim adjuster should be your main contact. The independent adjuster is most likely a third party hired by your insurance to investigate the parts and labor costs from the shop as well as the cause of the damages and if they are related to the claim. If your insurance company is causing a delay in your repairs then they should honor extending your rental until it is fixed. I would be calling the claim adjuster daily until you get action. Maybe contact their supervisor as well.

  2. Sounds like your case might be under fraud investigation. Frontal impact on a parked and hit is a red flag. You need to be proactive and ask your insurance company what’s up.

  3. Liberty Mutual actually owns Safeco (not that this is really relevant), nonetheless, I would call Safeco’s claim department at 1-800-332-3226 and ask to speak directly with the independent adjuster or at the VERY LEAST they should be able to get you in touch with someone for a status update, as claims can take weeks/months to resolve. If you still can’t reach anyone going this route then yeah I’d call your state DOI.

    Your agent could probably be doing more to help you out, however, once you turn in the claim it’s pretty much out of their hands. They will have to go the same route as you to get information (i.e. calling Safeco’s claim department). It sounds like they’re just dragging their feet. Hope this helps!

    The number I provided is the number for my state, but I’m guessing you can call it and they will send you in the right direction.

  4. So I know this may not help, and is not really your problem.. but there has been a pretty big spike in claims industry/nation wide. Many claims adjusters are stretched to the limit in assigned cases.

    Since your claim isn’t the “one and done” style of issue, that could be the reason for the delay in follow up. I would call the policy servicing department at the company to see if they are able to provide the adjuster’s supervisor information so you can have another number to call.

  5. I’m an independent agent who works with Safeco was well. Call your agent and ask for help. I have to this on occasion and it’s not hard. I sent one email to my Safeco Rep, adjuster, claims handler AND their supervisor. Whatever the issue it’s resolved quickly after. If your agent doesn’t help you for whatever reason, call and get their supervisors email and phone.

  6. Top three insurance company in Illinois estimator here: sounds like repairs were authorized at the shop of your choice, and they need an in person inspection to verify damages are related to the loss you reported. If they have to bring in an independent adjuster, you will definitely see a delay as there were multiple flood events in Chicago from heavy rain in June (if water goes over your door sill it’s an automatic total loss in Illinois), then last week there was a hail storm in Mt. Sterling Illinois with thousands of hail claims – problem is that there is only one body shop in that whole county, so a lot of smaller companies had to hire independent adjusters to go do in person inspections down there.

    I’d be simultaneously reaching out to the shop, since they love to tell you the exact thing that is holding up the repair if it’s not their fault, and your adjuster. Keep in mind that a body shop will frequently throw as many unrelated damages onto a claim as possible, and it’s up to the insurance to investigate it to make sure your policy isnt being taken advantage of.

  7. Pm had similar situation. Horrible fucking adjuster but everyone else was great. They think you’re lying essentially so just provide all the proof they need and keep calling everyday several times a day.

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