No credit history, first application approval?

My gf recently got her ssn and wants to apply for a CFU. I’m pretty sure she has no form of credit history. I told her that her approval odds are very slim.

Should she go ahead and try to apply anyway? I don’t want her to receive an inquiry on her new credit report if we know that she’ll get denied anyway.

Or should I just add her as an AU on my CFU or amex gold?


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  1. She has little to zero chance (miracles occasionally happen) and being an AU won’t help her. It will be a waste of a hard pull.

  2. I would suggest against it. It’s highly highly unlikely. Chase wants about 1 year of credit history before approval. There’s a chance but is so slim.

    I would suggest to start with Discover or maybe even a secured discover card.

  3. Does she use Chase as her checking/savings bank? If so, then there’s a decent possibility that she can get approved for a CFU. If she doesn’t use Chase for checking/savings, almost no chance.

    >Or should I just add her as an AU on my CFU or amex gold?

    AmEx doesn’t backdate, so she wouldn’t benefit from that card’s age and maybe previous payment history. AmEx Gold is a charge card, so the utilization factor shouldn’t be affected either. CFU should backdate and can provide utilization data.

    Also lenders can see which accounts a person is an AU on and may not count that info towards any internal criteria (such as Chase’s typical “at least 1 year with any other card or Chase checking/savings”).

  4. It’s a waste of a HP. Get discover or Capital one.

    More importantly, be very cautious about adding her as an AU. If something happens and there is a messy breakup and she is an AU on your card she can max it out and you are responsible for all charges. I have seen it many times.

  5. Adding her as an AU will help you get more rewards if she does any spending on her own, but it won’t help her chances for getting a CFU herself. Chase typically wants to see a year of credit card history in the applicant’s name before approving anything. AU status doesn’t seem to matter to them.

    A better option would be to apply with Discover and get the It or the secured card. They have a prequalify page that won’t be a hard pull until she chooses to apply for a specific card.


    She could also apply with a local bank/credit union.

    After 6-12 months, she’d be in good shape to add another lower level card if desired. Once she gets that 12 months of positive history, then Chase will be a more likely approval, along with opportunities for approval with most issuers.

  6. I recently went through this as well , all I can say from my experience is that I’ve been with Chase for about 5 years now and the first thing I did when I got my ssn was to apply for a credit card with them. I went to the branch itself to apply. I wasn’t approved the first time but the representative helping made a called , got asked a few questions and was approved a few min later with a limit of 2,800 with no history of credit what so ever :)

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