Nordstrom conversion from in-store to Visa card? ..


I had read on another site that it was possible to convert the Nordstrom in-store card to the Nordstrom visa card (but this was from 2014 I think). I just called them and they said that it’s not possible – that it’s a completely separate card and I have to go into the store to apply.

(I don’t want a new card – I just got 2 new cards and I think it would be too much impact on my credit)

Does anyone know anything about this or had any success at it? I’ve had the account for a while, so I want to keep it open to help my credit, but I don’t shop at Nordstrom’s that much.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on how often to use a card like this so it doesn’t get closed due to inactivity, I welcome your thoughts.



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  1. They’re issued by different banks/lenders so I don’t believe this is possible. I’ve checked on some other places such as MyFICO forums. The visa version is by TD Bank

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