PA Student Looking for Credit Card During School

Hello everyone – I am going to be in PA school for the next 2.5 years

I am a first generation student, first to graduate from college, first to pursue higher education

My parents are not knowledgeable about finances/credit cards so please be patient with me on this post

I will be living 100% off of loans but I want to stop using my debit card for everything (which I have been doing from age 18-25)

I would like a card with no annual fee as I will be living off loans/a full time student. no income My plan is to use this for everyday expenses (gas,food,books,school needs,etc) and flying home to my parents maybe 2-3x a year.

So far the 3 big cards that I see which keep coming up are 1) Citi Double Cash 2) Discover IT 3) Bank if America Cash rewads **My debit card is BoA***

I guess my main questions are

1) is it responsible to open a credit card and then just pay the balance off with my loans

2) are these cards good options? do you recommend something different?

thanks for your time, i’m trying hard to educate myself about finances

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  1. If you want one credit card that covers every category, a flat 2% cashback card would be good, like your option 1.

    If you go for option 3 which I recommend because you have an account with them, you get 3% cashback on your selected category plus 2% gas cashback and 1% everything else. If you choose the BOA card then I suggest getting the Secured version of it (you didnt list your credit scores. Im assuming you have no credit history, so Secured is better for approval). But if you cannot go Secured due to lack of funds, try applying for the Unsecured.

    You fly a lot, so a flight rewards card would be good in the future. I’d recommend the Chase Freedom Unlimited or Freedom Flex, paired with a CSP or CSR in the future. Keep in mind you need a year of credit history to be considered for approval for Chase cards.

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