Satoshi Nakamoto probably expected this

So he created some sort of money, which value is based on peoples own rating. Coins which cannot be duplicated and nobody can steal it from you (unless you are attacked or really dumb).


He also knew the price will go slowly only up (if inflation keeps on) and probably knew that some whales from early adopters will be then tested, if its get sold from this whale and whale will have dream life, or if it keeps for another generations, till bitcoin cannot be mine anymore, because then it will be owned by big corporations, which can enslave people with BTC as same, as they did it with $, rich people will have even more and poor will stay poor. Strongest/wealthiest people will rule the world and it will be ok, because only the strongest will survive… and you can HODL! and be in this elite :)))

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  1. The public’s idea of “price” really pisses me off. It is simply the conversion between BTC and some other currency.

    What most never consider is that Bitcoin has a standard, the USD does not. Bitcoin has a definition, the USD does not. This is what has driven the “price” of Bitcoin since its inception.

    Bitcoin has a function you can hang your hat on, the rest of the world’s currencies do not.

  2. If you want my advice, it sounds like you got a lot of “intellectual” friends who go to college are think they are smarter than they are. Ditch them immediately hey, they are the ones that will be in huge debt working at McDonalds/costco/wendys still bitching about how hard life and unfair it is.

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