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Back in Nov of 2019 I was rear ended and my vehicle was sent in for repairs. I had just completed physical therapy, for lower back pain, and was sent back in for an additional 5 weeks for lower back pain. Anyway today I was offered a 1000 dollar settlement and I feel this number is way too low. The accident happened in VA. Can anyone tell me if this a fair settlement or should I ask for more?

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  1. No one here can tell you what a fair settlement it. Assuming the other company accepted full responsibility, they should pay you for reasonable medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Without knowing anything about your medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering, we can’t offer much. Also, the limits of the other party matter here, as the other insurance will only cover you up to the limits of their insured’s policy.

    Edit: Don’t accept a settlement for bodily injury until you are done treating, regardless the amount.

  2. That’s low. I got $2000 right of the bat and didn’t accept and I got an attorney as I didn’t want to go through this process alone.

  3. How do would I quantify that? I don’t want to sound ridiculous asking for an unreasonable price but them offering me 1k is unreasonable to me.

  4. This is way too low. It knowing all the details, I wouldn’t take anything less than 5;000

  5. The insurance company first offers can sometimes be way too low.

    Please talk to a few personal injury lawyers to see if they will take your case. If you will be treating with a physician for back pain in the future, after the additional 5 weeks is over, your attorney may be able to arrange a different offer.

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