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Today I believe I was sim swapped. Took a very expensive nap this morning.. woke up to 2 notifications, one from my phone provider thanking me for coming in today for servicing my phone and wanted a rating, the other notification being my Coinbase password was changed. Now I did neither of these things, as I was sleeping, but I haven’t been to my phone store in months anyways. I woke up about 30 mins after the notifications and immediately tried logging into my Coinbase, to no success. I preceded to lock my account, but I fear damage was already done. I requested a new password but the emails were never coming through, until I later realized they were going to my junk folder, as if already deleted… so I did fill it out and created a new password, but now it’s making me wait approximately 5 days to get any further into my account because I had locked it earlier. I have 2FA, but unfortunately my dumbass has it under the same email as my Coinbase account, so they must of noticed that too. Looking for any tips here, much appreciated.

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  1. Not a solution for you now but for all accounts in the future, if available absolutely use a 3rd party Authenticator for 2FA. This problem could have been averted.

  2. Every time I hear about someone getting hacked, sim swapped, or otherwise loses their cryptos to unscrupulous means, it’s always during a nap. What is it about naps that it somehow signals to bad actors that now is the time to strike? At this point, I’m terrified to take a nap anymore.

  3. Here’s the best tip you’re going to get;

    Once you gain access and secure your funds or get through this crap ass lesson having been attacked, in the future when you buy bitcoin I suggest you buy a hardware wallet and move your coins to it.

    At that point barring you randomly typing your seed words out or some other user error you won’t be prone to losing all your money by a sim swap.

  4. try to contact coinbase. change all of your other accounts email and passwords and number.

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