Sometimes applying a little pressure is helpful

So car went in this morning for some unfucking of things they didn’t fix correctly the first time it was in the smash repairs.

When I dropped it off the manager explained he’d moved things around so it can all be done today.

Arrive at 1630 and they shut at 1700, receptionist tells me car isn’t ready.

I politely remind her that it was supposed to be done within the day, otherwise I’m going away for 6 weeks.

As an adult I said that’s fine, they’ll just have to get me a taxi home tonight and to work at 0500. I won’t keep their hire car in the lock up for 6-8 weeks

She called the manager up, he said it “Might be done this afternoon, probably almost on 5”

So I say sure, no worries, I’ll wait around until 1700 if it’s gonna be back this afternoon.

They looked visibly uncomfortable as I sat in the waiting room, but I’m getting my car back today.

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