Tesla CEO Elon Musk is optimistic about BTC again at The B Word event, and I am a little worried about his words

[This is what Musk said, this capricious villain, he is the real biggest dealer.](

I feel that Musk’s statement at the meeting may have a consequence that needs to be paid attention to. He took Tesla and spacex’s corporate funds and personal assets to allocate a large amount of BTC and did not complete the sell-off at a high level. (Except for the part in the previous announcement), and the cost is about the same as it is now, and Musk said that he will not sell it now, and he may buy it if it continues to fall. This statement may cause the capital market to suspect that these companies and individuals of Musk may cause systemic risks due to the continued decline in BTC prices. The end may be the retreat of retail cover agencies.

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