This is it guys.

This is our last stand to fight the bears. I bought the dip, did you?
Right now bitcoin is really being tested and this is a crucial point. What will you say when your grandkids ask you about the battle of $30,000?

Edit: We won!

This is it guys. from Bitcoin

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  1. Been buying all the way down since $58k. I’m all tapped out until bonus season brings most cash.

    I’ll just HODL here while you guys pile on. Let’s goooo!

  2. I will tell them that I had no soldiers to commit to the battle of below $30k, as I blew my money on the proceeding battles before this low point. I hope my sacrifice was not in vain brothers and sisters! Avenge me!

  3. Look at how much it’s gained in 10 years . And another 10 years I don’t want to be pissed off that I didn’t get involved . i dont mind the drops at all anymore…gives me a chance to buy again. Good luck

  4. I’ll say I got in at 57k and bought the dips on the way down until I ran out of stimulus.

  5. And that’s when I put the down payment for a house into BTC cause I decided I might not actually want to live in my current home town for unrelated reasons.

  6. I’d be excited for any positive publicity from the live call with Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood about Bitcoin for institutional investors tomorrow at 9am PST? 😁

  7. I remember the battle of 1k … dropped to 300 from 1600 multiple times, bounced around 800 for awhile etc. this is nothing and hodlerz will win …

  8. Bitcoin Twitter is so good the last 36 hours. The wanna be experts are all over the place. Entertaining

  9. Someone dropped 70k bitcoin for it drop it below 30k. I’d say that’s commendable and also stupid of whoever this whale was.

  10. Breakout was just at 30kish and it’s still the sideways movement. Remember this is accumulation phase and it might take a long way.

  11. You don’t have to fight the bears. Bitcoin is inevitable. Just because price corrects doesn’t mean there is some war that has to be won. Get comfortable. Be ok with less than 10k btc and more than 100k btc. Both will probably happen in the future. Getting caught up thinking some level needs to be the bottom is only going to stress you out and worse will give you paper hands when it breaks lower. Bitcoin could go to 5k next month and it wouldn’t surprise me. Political events will need to line up with the technology and there could need to be another bear market before it takes stage as the necessary technology for holding value that should exist in a technologically advanced society.

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