Those who failed a cpcu exam, what was your next step?

Just failed my first cpcu exam (520) and boy does it stink. Unfortunately, my company only pays for one exam so I decided to move on and continue studying for my other exams so I can determine how many I will have to be responsible for at the end. The only problem is, will I forget alot of the 520 material when the time comes to retake? How much harder will restudying be?

How did you guys proceed after failing? Did you retake it right away after?

Edit: i only have 530 and 540 left. Which should I take next?

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  2. I retook it again 2 weeks later, also paid out of pocket (but with a discount as they gave me the corporate rate for my company). I spent that time doing more intensive studying and a lot of the online practice exams to know where I needed to to focus my energy.

    It sucks but I’ve finished 3 exams since then. I learned my lesson on not underestimating the exams and giving myself proper study time. I never wait until the end of the exam window so I’m not backed into a corner and stressed, etc..

    Personally I’d not take another and wait to come back because I’d probably need to start basically all over for studying, but that’s just me.

  3. I would retake the 520 before moving on. The grade report will break down which chapters you performed the worst in so you can devote your attention accordingly. After that, people tend to struggle the most with 540 out of the entire series. I thought 530 was pretty easy but I had a decent amount of background with contract law going into it

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