Today I was able to “scam” the scammer lol

Full story: [](

**Summary**: There is a scammer impersonating Mr. Leon Li (Huobi CEO) to ask me to invest 1 BTC in order to receive 6 BTC per week. This scammer’s Facebook is in the top of Google search because the Huobi CEO does not publicize his personal Facebook. The scammer also video called me and play a muted video of Leon Li for a few seconds and said there is a problem with the connection to make me into believing him. And here is the story of how I “tricked” this scammer lol

I have long been annoyed with scammers because every now and then I get scam/spam calls. I used the Page Editor extension on Chrome to create some screenshots to convince the scammer that I transferred 1 BTC to him but was blocked by Binance because of the high risk. To verify, the scammer needs to transfer 0.001 BTC ($31) back to that wallet. So he really did it haha


Then I processed to ask him to send another 0.01 BTC (310 USD) with the reason that the risk is now escalated. But it wasn’t success. Let me know how to improve next time.


**Edit:** You should **do this too**. Very entertaining and satisfy once you can scam them back haha. If everyone of us do this, the scamming industry will take a big hit.

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  1. The thing with these scammers is that most of them are really really dumb in the first place

  2. For those who don’t speak chinese, the OP’s fake login credentials were:
    tamadepianzi 他妈的骗子 damn scammer
    wozhenchun 我真蠢 im really dumb

  3. damnn you got him real good with his own game, you deserve success and happiness haha


    edit : just looked through the images you really got him good hahaha

    edit 2 : just found out what the log in translates to. I am now even more impressed

  4. Sadly, that $31 he lost is probably nothing compared to what he’s taken from people. Still glad you were able to provide some sort of karma for him though.

  5. I told a Bitcoin scammer that she had zero chance of scamming me. But she is stubborn and still messaging me all day She has been messaging me for about 2 months now trying to befriend me sending me sexy pictures and stuff. Every time she talks about Bitcoin I just change the subject I feel like if I’m wasting her time she has less time to scam others

  6. So you won’t be flying out to see him on your private jet? lmaooo good job with this.
    What login did you give him? Just a made up one or was there a big FU once he logs in?

  7. So legit question is what you did a crime?

    It seems fitting, but legally speaking could he cause some issues your way?

  8. Hell yea man.. I get messages from scammers or spammers every day on discord… really gets quite annoying.. I usually just reply with some racist nonsense.. then block them LOL .. no I’m not racist … only to scammers

  9. I had a telemarketer call me and they said “we will give you 50 cents/minute for long distance calls you make”, I freaked out, in good way, told them how I excited I was to have finally answered a telemarketers call and how I’m going to get other friends involved. Then to clarify what I heard, I asked “so wait, you are really giving me the deal where I get 50 cents per minute for phone calls??”, they confirmed YES. So to further confirm, I asked them “so, if I talk for 10 minutes, that is 5 dollars, right?”… She was bright, and knew her math, and confirmed 10 minutes at 50 cents per minutes is indeed 5 dollars.

    I then asked her “How often do I get paid? Do you just send a check?” The total conversation lasted about 15-20 minutes, and included me to talked to the supervisor.

  10. „damnn you got him real good“

    Children, these scammers make so much money that they don‘t even care losing 31$

    You guys really think they‘re stupid and they don‘t know their business doing it 8 hrs a day better than you?

    Of course they anticipate losing 31$ but who cares? They gonna cash out the next one.

    Post something like this if you get 1 BTC from them. Everything else is listend as „regular company expense“ in their books…

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