Unable to close account on Lightning Pool!

I added about 150K sats to play around on LN pool on Lightning terminal app.

On the GUI, even after hit ‘close and refresh the page, it shows account open:


Also tried closing from the CLI:

1> First SSH into umbrel

# ssh [umbrel@umbrel.local](mailto:umbrel@umbrel.local)

2> Find the process ID of LN terminal:

#docker ps

3> Open the LN Docker

#docker exec -it a5c33b1e0d57 /bin/bash

4> Close the pool account

# pool accounts close –trader_key PubKey sat_per_vbyte 1 –addr My_Bitcoin address

But I’m getting this error:

[pool] open /data/.pool/mainnet/tls.cert: no such file or directory

Even the command: #pool accounts list

Also gives the same above error:

[pool] open /data/.pool/mainnet/tls.cert: no such file or directory

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  1. Add the flag “–tlscertpath=/home/bitcoin/.lnd” to your pool command.

    I am not sure about the path, but it needs to contain the tls.cert file created by lnd in its folder (which should be .lnd in bitcoin user home if it is based on RaspiBolt)

    I highly recommend using alias with lightning terminal to not have to specify the path each time you call pool, loop or faraday.

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