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I’ve been in the credit card game for a year or so now and am trying to see what methods are most effective to maximize you point usage.

Current lineup is CSP, CFU, Amex Gold, Discover It, Skymiles Gold. I found airlines are the best use of points, but how do y’all make sure you’re using them well?

My method right now is tally up the flights on google flights first, then hit Southwest to see points vs miles, then go to Amex Travel, Chase Travel, and then once I’ve narrowed it down I’ll go to the airline’s websites/apps to see what their awards are.

Is there a benefit to transferring points to airlines rather than going through Chase Travel or Amex Travel? It seems like you can be overwhelmed quickly, are there certain methods that y’all think are better?

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  1. There’s lots of information in the sidebar of r/awardtravel. The benefit of transferring is that it is possible to get a cheaper rate using miles instead of redeeming points for cash towards the cost of a flight. Read the [award travel resources]( and just do lots of research and pricing and you’ll find your answer.

    (Do not cross post this into awardtravel, as you’ll get shut down for it. It’s a place for questions about *specific* travel after you have done your research for your specific redemption.)

    The best way to use your points is for free travel, regardless of the cents per point. Free is better than paid. You can try to squeeze as much value as you can out of it, or you can just get a free trip. Whichever of those you want dictates the amount of research you need to complete. The general guidelines are trying to get around 2CPP.

  2. /r/awardtravel. The sidebar has lots of good information on how to get started and find flights. Credit cards are only part of the game.

  3. I’m going through this right now. There are so many options for flights and in trying to compare them I feel the need to create a spreadsheet or something

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